Converting website visitors into sales leads

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Getting found is the hardest part but once you get the traffic to your website are they converting to a sales leads?  Most of us get between 1-3% conversion rate from our websites, so how do you ensure you convert as many visitors as possible. Here are some tips that might help you convers more sales when driving traffic in from your off site marketing:

  • Online marketing: how strong are your sales messages? Do people know what you are offering and what they need to do?  It is important that before people click they know what is in it for them.  Also, are your offers time limited or do you just simply offer something in the hope of turning around sales sometime in the future. Always put a time limit on offers.
  • Landing pages: how strong are your landing pages? When someone clicks on the link are they taken to a strong landing page. I cannot tell you how many companies I have visited that think they are using the correct landing page but when investigated their call to actions are either very weak (if present at all) or the action cannot be completed on the landing page at all.  I have in the past received newsletters and when I clicked on the buy now link, I have been taken to a booking engine page or shop where I either cannot buy the product online or I have to seek out the product from amongst several others. This, I have to tell you, is very frustrating and will result in a low conversion rate, so what makes strong landing pages:  
      • Try not use the home page as your landing page. While it is an important page for your website it rarely is the best place to send people.
      • Ensure your call to actions are clear, if you want them to enquire, give them your contact details and if possible have the enquiry form on the landing page. If you want them to purchase something make it as easy as possible for them to complete the sales process, try reduce your sales process to 3 steps.
      • Send visitors to a page that allows them to purchase the product on offers, do not make them search out the product from a long list.
      • Cross sell and up sell products but ensure the core offering is clear
      • Create specific landing pages if necessary, do not assume that your website already has the landing page built in.
  • Think about your off site sales process.  How quickly are you replying to enquiries?  Do you pick your email up at least 3 times a day? Morning, Noon and Night.  If you deal with an international market, do you pick up enquiries outside of hours?
  • And finally, are you analysing your website traffic?  Using a site statistics package like Google Analytics will help you identify where the other 97-99% of website trafffic are dropping out of the sales process which will allow you to strengthen your website content.  

Happy selling :-)

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  2. sandra says:

    David, thanks for comments, great addition to the post.

  3. Very useful clear post for an SME like ourselves!

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