Independent Digital Marketing Services & Consultancy

Are you struggling with your digital marketing strategy and are unsure where to start?  Do you need help with your SEO or online advertising? Are you spending money on a new website and want to make sure that you spend it wisely and you get a website that is effective and brings in sales and leads?

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Hire us to write your digital marketing plan with you and help you to implement it through a mix of digital marketing services and consultancy.

  • Stage 1:  will include an initial phone call or in some circumstances an on-site meeting free gratis. On this call / meeting we will outline what we feel with work best for you based on your resources and budget.
  • Stage 2: We will send an outline of the project a suggested approach and the costs. Once you are happy to proceed we will arrange a date for our first meeting and work it from there. Most clients work with us long term but if you only require one or two session that will not be an issue.

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Website UX, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultancy

Have you ever approached a web developer asking for a website and unsure how to brief them effectively?
Do you know that not all web companies know about SEO?
Do you know that SEO starts from the very minute you decide to develop your website?
Do you need help creating an integrated digital marketing plan that takes all digital marketing channels into account?

Talk to us today about our website UX (user experience), Search Engine Optimisation & Digital Marketing Consultancy.  We will work with you and your web team to ensure:

  • you website is structured around your customers needs
  • your website showcases your customers that you understand their pain points and have the product / service to solve their problems
  • your website is fully SEO and user-friendly
  • you understand what you need to do going forward to ensure your website and other digital channels are effective and bringing in quality leads and sales
  • you have a robust digital marketing plan created and implemented

Talk to us today – this is your first step to ensuring your website is found and converting visitors 

SEO Services

From experience working with clients search engine optimisation projects take on 4 stages:

  1. SEO audit – a full audit of your website current search engine optimisation. On-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical issues.
  2. Initial meeting to review the audit and discuss the project goals and objectives and outline key tasks and timelines.
  3.   On-page SEO is completed. This will require work from three parties: You, your web team and us.
    1. You will be required to provide any additional content that is needed and/or to review amendments to your website content to ensure it includes the correct user message and is well optimised for search
    2. Your web team: some technical issues will need to be resolved and this will require input from your web team. We can introduce a web company at this stage if needed
    3. Us: we will research your target keywords, analyse your competitors and optimize all on-page elements.
  4. Off-site SEO: This includes you link building plan and content marketing. The aim is to use your content marketing to build your inbound links as well as using other proven techniques to increase your link popularity.  Relevant, quality links from high ranking and authoritative sites are important to ensure a good placement.  We We are firm believers in empowering you to manage the off-site SEO (this will also reduce you overall costs) as this is an on-going services. You know you business, your clients and what they need from you.  We will help you to create and implement a content marketing and link building plan to ensure the success of your SEO project.

The core objective of your SEO project is to optimize the website for search and drive quality traffic to the website. To ensure this both the on-page and off-page SEO must be put in place. SEO will not work without both elements being implemented, managed, analysed and refined.

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 Online Advertising Set Up and Management

Are you looking to drive relevant, quality traffic to your website? Talk to us today about our online advertising services which include

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Twitter and LinkedIn ads

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