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Are you struggling with your digital marketing strategy and are unsure where to start?

Do you need help with your SEO, social media or online advertising?

Are you spending money on a new website and want to make sure that you spend it wisely and you get a website that is effective and brings in sales and leads?

Does your digital marketing team need upskilling or additional digital marketing training?

We provide a range of services, all tailored to your specific needs:

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Website UX, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultancy

Have you ever approached a web developer asking for a website and unsure how to brief them effectively?
Do you know that not all web companies know about SEO?
Do you know that SEO starts from the very minute you decide to develop your website?
Do you need help creating an integrated digital marketing plan that takes all your digital marketing channels into account?

Talk to us today about our website UX (user experience), Search Engine Optimisation & Digital Marketing Consultancy.  We will work with you and your web team to ensure:

  • you website is structured around your customers needs
  • your website showcases your customers that you understand their pain points and have the product / service to solve their problems
  • your website is fully SEO and user-friendly
  • you understand what you need to do going forward to ensure your website and other digital channels are effective and bringing in quality leads and sales
  • you have a robust digital marketing plan created and implemented

This is your first step to ensuring your website is found and converting visitors – talk to us today

Social Media Services & Consultancy

Using social media is vital for any business. But using it effectively can be difficult.  Social media is not about selling. It is about making connections, building relationships, nurturing those relationships and once you have achieved that you will see the sales coming in.

It is important that you know:

  • exactly who your customers are,  where they are hanging out online and what they are doing e.g. reading, watching videos etc.
  • what content to create that will appeal to them, inspire them and get them engaged with you
  • what platforms are best for you and your customers
  • how to use each platform effectively

We will work with you and your team to ensure you understand fully how to use social media effectively to ensure a loyal network, build brand advocates and increase sales.  Talk to us today.



Online Advertising Set Up and Management

Are you looking to drive relevant, quality traffic to your website and to increas sale and leads? Talk to us today about our online advertising services which include

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Twitter and LinkedIn ads

Talk to us today – this is your first step to getting more website traffic and sales. 

What our clients say

Sandra has a wealth of knowledge and all the tools when it came to helping us improve our google ranking. From ensuring our sitemap was correctly uploaded on our webmaster tools to identifying simple fixes on our site, Sandra has been very helpful and inspires confidence in her ability to break through the jargon that is google. We would recommend Sandra in BeDynamic to anyone of our partners and clients. Also would suggest attending one of her bootcamp courses.
Claire Grace

New Business Development Manager, Waterford Stanley Ltd part of the AGA Rangemaster Group

Sandra worked with us in itsa on our Website optimisation as part of the Failte Ireland Web Checkers programme. She helped to demistify the whole process of SEO and made some great suggestions on how to improve our website which lead to a huge improvement in our google ranking within a very short space of time. Sandra was a pleasure to work with and her no-nonsense approach made the task of optimising our site easier than we could have imagined.
Susan Reid

Itsa Bagel Ltd

Sandra has a very strong and broad range of digital marketing skills and I highly recommend her. Sandra is currently doing some work for us as part of a contract for a large corporate. Sandra was selected due to her knowledge and expertise, her ability to run digital marketing training and also because she is a pleasure to deal with

Ian Cleary

RazorCoast & RazorSocial