Outsourced Digital Marketing Services Department

Do you need help setting up and managing your digital marketing but do not want to hire a full time or part time person in-house?  We may have the answer for you.  Have you considered an outsourced digital marketing services department?   This means that we will manage all your digital marketing channels including your website, SEO, online advertising, social media**, email marketing, content marketing etc.

To ensure the success of your outsourced digital marketing there are some important things that need to be considered:

  1. Tone of voice and personality: before outsourcing your digital marketing to us it is vital that we understand your business & company personality, ethos and the tone you want to use on-line. If you are unsure of this we will work with you to define your brand tone of voice and personality.  This is important to ensure consistency both online and offline and in all your marketing endeavours.
  2. Setting your objectives and targets: there is no point in doing any online marketing if you do not set some key objectives and targets. This will mean that we all know what we are striving to achieve.  We will work with you to set some key objectives, your KPI’s and your targets.
  3. Strategy and tactics: We will work with you to set out your strategy and key tactics to meet your objectives and targets.
  4. Communication: It is extremely important that we have open lines of communication with your office to ask questions and get clarification / confirmation on work that we are doing on your behalf. Especially in the early days of the project while we are both getting to know to each other. This will be achieved by regular phone calls and emails.
  5. Meetings: regular meetings will be held to ensure consistency of message and the success of the project.

Unsure what you want or need?   Why not call 087-8348279 or email for a chat.

**Social media management may still require some in-put from you depending on the objectives.