15 tips for B&B’s to increase Facebook “likes”

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I work a lot with the tourism sector and find that smaller properties like B&B’s are finding it increasingly difficult to increase their Facebook connections (likes).  Here are some tips that may help (some of the tips are generic and could be used by any business):

  1. Promote your Facebook page in the rooms. Consider placing a tent card in the room with your Facebook page details and ask guests to connect with you. Give them an incentive to connect e.g. discounts, up to date news, competitions etc
  2. Do you have a public computer for guests to use? If so, set your Facebook page as the home page, every time a guest uses the computer they are immediately brought to your Facebook page
  3. Put the Facebook logo on ALL promotional material, including business cards, brochures, leaflets etc. Don’t miss any opportunity to make people aware that you are on Facebook.
  4. Put the Facebook logo on menus – some of you may not like this one, especially if you serve dinner or evening meals.  Nobody wants to be sitting beside someone that is on their phone in the middle of dinner but it may be ok at breakfast time.
  5. Use QR Codes on printed material to allow people to access your Facebook page with ease. It is a great talking point and may give you an additional opportunity to persuade them to connect with you.
  6. Ensure the Facebook logo is on your website in a prominent position – don’t feel that it should be in the footer of the site as this may never be seen by your website visistors.
  7. On departure, send an email to all guests asking for feedback.  Give them the option to leave it on Facebook or Trip Advisor, most people will have an account in one or the other
  8. Competitions – Facebook competitions are a great way to increase your “likes” but you must use a third party app like www.wildfireapp.com or www.northsocial.com . Competitions entries can be completed by liking the page or get more inventive and interactive and ask people to submit photos or videos.  Don’t waste the opportunity, use competition signup  to gather data for e-newsletters or bulk text marketing.
  9. Embed the Facebook Like Box on your website  and ask them to like your page.
  10. Add your facebook page link to your email signature
  11. Create a welcome page – as you are providing a very personal service why not include a welcome video
  12. Add e-commerce (f-commerce) elements to your Facebook page. A lot of the booking engines can now be integrated into Facebook .  The ideal one will allow people to book on the page and not take you to a separate pop up page.
  13. Get active – no point in asking people to become a fan if you are not going to converse with them.  By timely and remember the 80 /20 rule. 80% personality and sharing information. 20% selling.  Important that you dont appear to salesy, you will loose fans that way.
  14. Ensure your Facebook link is on your LinkedIn Profile
  15. Use the @tag when writing on other business or friends walls.  This could be used in the body of the post or sign off using it. To do this simply type in @ and your page name and it will automatically create a link to your page.  This is especially important when writing posts on other business page walls that would be relevant to your business and your guest interests.
  16. Add link button and share button to your website and blog. This allows readers to endorse and share your content which will gain you more connections. People trust peer recommendations.

I hope this helps you on your way to Facebook domination. Happy connecting :-)

Any questions call me on 087 8348279 0r 062 67054.

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