The Challenge

Bourke Consulting, in 2019 was a new HR company in Cork, and they faced a common problem. They were struggling to get their website noticed on Google. They approached me for my help. They wanted to improve their digital marketing plan, with a big focus on their website’s SEO.

They were experts in HR, having spent many years in the field, but had recently moved back to Ireland from Canada and were at the outset of developing a presence in the Irish market. Despite their knowledge and experience, they needed to get their name out there. They knew that improving their Google ranking was a key part of this.

So, the task was clear: Help Bourke Consulting improve its digital visibility.

The Solution SEO Case Study

The first step to transform their digital profile was to revamp the website with a focus on simplicity and functionality. By strategically planning the website navigation, we ensured a streamlined user experience, encouraging potential clients to explore the services offered by Bourke Consulting. Key pages were optimised using key usability and SEO principles to enhance their visibility on Google search results. The content was reshaped to resonate with their target client base, outlining how Bourke Consulting could address their HR needs effectively.

A detailed keyword strategy was implemented focusing on their primary search term “HR consultant cork.” This not only improved the organic search ranking but also heightened the relevance of the company’s offerings to potential clients.

The Results

Our work paid off. Bourke Consulting, over some time, achieved its no.1 spot on Google when someone searched for “hr consultant cork.” There are 3.8 million search results returned when you search for “HR Consultant Cork” and Bourke Consulting has held the top spot for many years now.

Quote from the client

“Sandra was instrumental in assisting Bourke Consulting understand the power of SEO, and through a series of strategic 1:1 session we met our goal – to achieve the no. 1 spot for HR Consultant Cork. This has been an incredibly powerful marketing tool for the business and has generated multiple successful leads. Nailing your SEO is a gamechanger, and I have Sandra to thank for that.”