I love my work, I get to meet great people up and down the country at my digital marketing training workshops.  One of the most popular questions I get asked is “how do you keep up with it all”.  Some think I have a direct line with Google, Facebook etc.  I wish.  The reality is that I follow some key blogs and people who share all their knowledge with us.  Of course I would love you to follow my blog to keep up to date with what is happening in the digital marketing world but I am happy to provide a list of my top 7 blogs and digital people that I recommend you follow today.

Social Media Blogs


If you want to know about the latest social media tools available or just need some tips on how to blog effectively and much more.  Ian Cleary is a fountain of knowledge and likes to share it all.   It is well worth following this blog and signing up for regular email updates. Ian injects personality into his emails which make them fun and informative, for me, this is a great mix. www.razorsocial.com

Social Media Examiner

Another great social media blog that is packed full of information, tips and advice on how to be uber successful with your social media.  They have a range of contributors from all over the world. www.socialmediaexaminer.com


Search Engine Optimisation Blogs

Google’s Webmaster Central Blog

Information straight from the horses mouth. A great resource for those interested in Search Engine Optimisation.  It is Google’s official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index . http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.ie


This digital marketing blog include tips and advice on all digital marketing topics but I especially like their SEO blogs.  They are easy to read and full of great information. www.econsultancy.com

Search Engine Land

Want to know about things the effect your SEO as they are happening?  This is a fantastic blog that will inform you and advise you on all things SEO. www.searchengineland.com

Search Engine Watch

This was the first blog I was introduced to in 2002 when I started into the big, scary world of SEO and I still read it today. Great tips and advice on all things SEO and search related. www.searchenginewatch.com

General Digital Marketing Blogs

Tweak Your Biz

As a contributor to this blog I feel compelled to include it in my list but this is not the only reason. This blog provides advice and tips on a range of topics from marketing, finance to management and much more.  All written in an interesting and engaging style. Well worth a follow. www.tweakyourbiz.com


So this is my top list for today. Watch this space because over the coming months I will be sharing more great blogs, tips and resources that will help you become more effective with your digital marketing strategy creation and implementation.