You’re here because you’ve already read the first part of this guide. By now, you’ll have focused on setting up your account and getting an overall feel for what you want to achieve using this powerful tool. And you’ve finally got around to ensuring your profile is 100% completed. You’ll hopefully have discussed the role of LinkedIn in your organisation.

So, what’s next? Here are the next five steps to helping LinkedIn generate sales for you

1. Be active and regularly read LinkedIn updates and news. There’s no point being on LinkedIn if you don’t know what your contacts are up to – are they changing jobs, setting up new businesses? There’s  no point in having an account that is stale and never updated, you will need to share news that’s relevant to you and your network.

2. Groups – on LinkedIn, groups are a great way to network and connect to people in similar industries and with similar interests. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. If you want to help LinkedIn increase your sales, it’s no time to be faint-hearted. Connect, ask questions, give answers, and engage with people.

3. Questions & Answersdid you know that LinkedIn has an area for you to ask or answer questions . Become an expert or show off your expertise. This feature has been removed from LinkedIn

4. Connect applicationsare you using SlideShare (if not why not), are you writing a blog, do you want to run a poll or promote events.  Take a look at the applications section. You’ll see there are many different applications that will allow you add engaging, interactive elements to your profile.     LinkedIn Applications have been replaced with a new feature that lets you display samples of your work on your profile.

5. Company page – if you have a business you should set up a company page. LinkedIn have recently revamped this page and it is a fantastic way to help promote your brand and products and services to your network and extended connections.

Put these plans in place and you’re well on the road to making LinkedIn an essential part of your online armour. Like so many other parts of your business, a little preparation and clear thinking and you’ll start to see results. Keep a note of the changes you made and notice how they will impact you in the coming months. It can generate sales for you – you just have to let it!


Helping LinkedIn generate sales for you – 10 simple tips (PART 1)


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