Today Twitter announced that they are [finally] making their analytics available to everyone.   Previously to access your Twitter analytics you had to use Twitter Cards and/or run some Twitter advertising.   Rolling them out to all is long overdue and I am sure you are as happy as I am to hear the good news.

To access your Twitter analytics just log into your Twitter account and go to


The Twitter Analytics reports currently available:


Tweet Impressions

A snap shot of your tweet impressions over the past 28 days.  An impression is calculated based on the amount of times your tweet is served into someones stream/homepage timeline.

Twitter impressions report


Twitter Engagement, Link Clicks, Retweets, Favorites and Replies

These reports are in graphical format and showcase the data for the previous 28 days.


twitter reports engagement links clicked and retweets





Individual Tweets Impressions, Engagement and Engagement Rate

This is a great report that will enable you to see which tweets were popular and which were not.  You can gauge which tone and content works best.  Rather than totally changing tone and content straight away, test if tweeting at different times will help improve engagement rates for tweets that did not perform so well.  Use tools like or to gauge when your twitter community is active on Twitter.

Do not forget to click on each tweet to get in depth data on the engagement types.

individual tweets interaction





 Twitter Followers Data

Click on the followers tab and you will get access to lots of data about your Twitter community and network.

  • How your network is growing over time (my report shows me over the past 2 years but this may depend on how old your account is).
  • The interests of your network (top 5  most unique interests and top 10 interests) . Learn if the people who are following you the right people.
  • Location.  As part of your strategy you should have identified where the people or companies that you are trying to reach out to are located. Use this report to gauge if people/companies in the right locations are following you.
  • Gender.  Are your products and services gender specific.  Use this report for learn more about the gender of the people connected with you.


twitter followers data


 Twitter Cards Reports

Twitter cards are a great way to increase engagement and conversions from your tweets. There are different types of Twitter cards .  You may have seen them but may not have known that they are Twitter cards. Here are a couple of examples:


Twitter card summary

Twitter Card – Summary with Large Image


Twitter card video player

Twitter Card Video Player




Use these reports to get a quick glance at how Tweets with your Twitter Cards drove URL clicks and how they affected your impressions and click rate.


twitter card snapshot report





So that is a quick run down of the reports you will find in your Twitter analytics.  While you will find these useful I cannot wait to see what additional data can be provided down the line.  Are there any reports that you think Twitter should include?