We’ve got a new toy in the office. Mouseflow is a new tool that allows you to see what your users are doing on your site. From capturing videos of their mouse movements to generating heatmaps, we’re talking the real nitty-gritty here. We’re excited about this one…

Now you can see what visitors do inside your pages. Google Analytics already shows quantitative data of your visitors. But with Mouseflow you get qualitative insights and see exactly what visitors do on your site. All mouse movements and clicks from your visitors are recorded. When you play back the recordings you can start analysing and improving your web pages right away.

Mouseflow features – at a glance

  • With the Mouseflow heatmaps you get all the recorded data organised in aggregated heatmaps. You can use them to discover patterns and optimise your pages. Using the click heatmap functionality, you can see which elements within your pages your visitors are using. The movement heatmap goes even further and gives you an idea of which parts of your page get the most attention. The scroll heatmap gives an incredible insight into the scrolling behaviour of your visitors.
  • You can find out where the fold is for your pages. Its links assessment tool is also powerful. It can show you how well each link on your pages are performing. It will tell you which links work and which don’t. You get measures like hover-to-click rate and hover order that you can use to tweak and tune your links to perform their best.
  • For those of you who still prefer your hard facts and figures, not to worry! Mouseflow also gives you quantitative and comparable measures of how your web pages are performing. You get hard facts about the engagement time, an overview about which pages are the fastest loading, which is the slowest, which pages your visitors most interact with, and so on.

When analysing your call-to-action and core navigation, a tool like Mouseflow can give you the edge. When you think about it, it’s the next best thing to watching someone look at your website in real time. This is the closest we have for now and the price is not bad either. It’s tools like this that ensure you keep in touch with how people are using your site and how you can improve the experience for them. Not a bad toy at all and one to watch out for!! It’s got our vote.