Another great guest post from Diarmuid O’Connell

The digital world has ensured we are all a whole lot busier. And while a content marketing strategy including regular blogging sounds like a great idea– is it something you can commit to? Step forward the ghost-writer or ghost blogger. Who are they and what can they do for you?

What is ghost blogging or a ghost blogger?

A ghost blogger is sometimes a professional copywriter and sometimes and experienced marketing professional who sources and writes blogs for you if you don’t have the time to do it or the skills required. They should know your business very well and be well aware of your message and your target audience. Sometimes they can be left to their own devices but you may be required to give them bullet points or briefs to get them started. Initially, it may take a bit of time to find your ghost but it’s well worth the search.

Be careful, do not judge solely on price as when it comes to content marketing, you do get what you pay for. It’s pretty easy to get your blogs from a so-called ‘content farm’ but be wary of the quality and you may find you still have to edit the blogs heavily anyway. Getting a specialist blogger to write for you is definitely the better option of the two.

What are the main reasons to hire a ghost?

  • You get unique content tailored for your target audience on a regular basis.
  • It’s written professionally by an experienced marketer so your blogs will always be ‘on message’ and will look the part.
  • You can use the time you save to commit to other aspects of your digital marketing plan
  • Over time, your blogger will get to know your business as well as you do and will be able to produce more quality blogs with less briefing on your part.

Is ghost blogging for you?

This one is easy to answer. If you like the idea of a blog but simply do not have the time to research and write compelling content for your site, maybe it’s time to take on a ghost writer.

So as the saying goes, “time is of short supply and they won’t be making any more of it” – so if time is an issue and it’s been a while since you put ‘pen to paper’, consider the ghost blogger as a real option for you. Feel free to get in touch with me for some guidance – I’ve come across some great ones over the years (and a few scary ones too!).


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